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Pawfect Tails of Happy Endings



(WARNING: Graphic pictures)

On a cold wet day in early January 2022 I saw a post about a kitten who had been rescued by Misko and Iva. They named him Harvey.
He was in a terrible state, a badly infected lower jaw and cheek wound were eating into his wee face. I took one look and couldn’t get him out of my mind. I woke up in the middle of the night worrying about him! Ever one to act upon gut instinct, I messaged Misko telling him of my fantasy- of Harvey healing and coming to live with me, by the sea in rural Scotland.

Three operations to try and stitch his cheek didn’t work due to the horrific infection. Manuka honey, love and patience won the day. And at the beginning of April Harvey left North Macedonia and his saviours to travel to the UK. Upon arrival he became an instant and very much loved member of our family. He’s bold, wild, madly affectionate, and full of the absolute joy of life. He’s a certified bin raker and has a soft spot for pens and pencils. I’m so glad to have him in my life, and to  be able to give him the safe, loving home he deserves so much.

Click the link to read more about Harvey's story:

Romeo, Leolo and Albator


Romeo (Rupert) was in a bad way when he was found by Iva and Misko. He had been badly beaten as a kitten, his jaw was fractured, teeth missing and he was nearly blind in one eye.

He was nursed back to health by Iva and Misko and eventually found his forever home in the UK and now lives with his rescued brothers Leolo and Albator.


Leolo was found living on the street in North Macedonia with an advanced infection to one eye. He was taken in and given treatment but unfortunately his eye could not be saved. 

He recovered well and travelled to his forever home in the UK where he spent almost two months hiding from his new owner, until regaining his confidence. He is now a complete lovebug with his owner Rodolphe and his rescue brothers Romeo and Albator, living the life of love and luxury he deserves in the UK.


The story of this trio would not be complete without Albator, the one-eyed, three-legged cat. Although he wasn't a Meow Paws rescue, he was saved from a life on the street and brought to the UK to live with his forever family where he is adored and loves head bumps and cuddles.

Ramona (now Willow)

Ramona (now Willow) was found as a tiny kitten, just a few weeks old, crying loudly from hunger. She was covered in fleas, starving and had a skin infection. She quickly recovered after Iva and Misko took her to the vet for treatment and settled into the cat shelter. Her best friend there was Esen, another youngster.

She travelled all the way to Scotland in the UK to her forever home and was later joined by her sister Esen, where they live like two princesses and are learning tricks such as how to ring a bell when they want treats!