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We’re always on the lookout for volunteers with fresh ideas and new ways to help our cause. If you are not in a position to adopt or foster an animal, you can still help us! Read on for a few ideas or get touch with some of your own. If you would like to join our ever-growing group of kind-hearted Meow Paws supporters, please complete the application below and we will get in touch to arrange a chat. 

Collecting Money
Volunteer Team

Become a Fundraiser

We need a constant source of income to keep our work going. Vets bills, kennel fees, food, vaccinations. Some medical supplies are not available in North Macedonia and we need to purchase them in the UK and post them out. Any help or ideas you can offer to promote fundraising will be very welcome.

Social Media

Are you master of social media platforms? Can you help us make videos for YouTube, Facebook and Instagram? Maybe you have a network of like-minded contacts Social Media and you could help raise the profile of the charity by sharing our posts, appeals, pages and website to local, national or even international groups.

We understand that not every one is in a position to donate money or adopt an animal but that doesn't mean you can't help!

Become a Volunteer

Not everyone is in a position to adopt and animal or maybe even make regular donations, but every bit of support we are offered is very gratefully received.

Maybe you are a talented artist or crafter, Perhaps you are a whizz at technology? Or are you great at organising events? Do you have premises we could use for car boot sales? We are open to all ideas and suggestions.

Our volunteers are not all foster carers; we will gratefully accept all suggestions and ideas which help our goal of getting more cats and dogs off the street in North Macedonia. Please complete the form below to get in touch and join our group of supporters and volunteers.

Get Involved: Get Involved
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Volunteer Application

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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