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Meow Paws started 11 years ago with just two people, Iva and Misko, in North Macedonia. It is now a registered Scottish charity helping to raise money to support their work.
Cat shelter - MEOW PAWS provides feral and stray cats and dogs with the care they need & the love they deserve. In the last 11 years, we have saved many stray cats and dogs, given lots of love and care in our shelter and found forever homes all around the world for them. Meow Paws is run by only two members of staff, Mishko Stojnic and Iva Stojanovic. Our vision is to help as much as possible and here’s what we do for them; we rescue, treat any open wounds, vaccinate, neuter/spay, help the animals get adopted and advocate for injured and abused cats and dogs. 
In Macedonia there are too many stray animals, especially cats. These cats live in terrible conditions and survive by eating food from garbage cans, which expose them to all kinds of dangers on a daily basis. Every day cats are run over, beaten and chased. Furthermore, many of them suffer from various diseases and infections.
Despite the uncivilized poisoning of stray animals in our country, the government refuses to do anything about it. At the moment there is no care for these helpless souls.
In the future, our goal is to build a shelter or sanctuary, where the cats/dogs will get the best space, treatment and care they could want. As well as being pampered with infinite love. Until then we do need some help covering food, deworming, regular vet visits, medical treatments and vaccinations are the primary needs, which cannot be achieved without help from the people who respect our world and would love to support our shelter’s animal care with their generous financial donations.
So far with the necessary support we have received from loving people and organizations from all around the world, we have managed to save hundreds of little kittens', cats' and dogs' lives, giving them shelter, care and unconditional love.


"Saving one dog won't change the world, but it will change the world for that dog."

It Starts With the Will to Make a Difference



One of the main activities of Meow Paws is carried out by just two people, Iva and Misko, in North Macedonia. They feed six colonies of cats and dogs two or three times a day (depending on how much food they have). They monitor their health and condition and take them to the vet for emergency treatment as well as annual vaccinations and regular worming and flea treatments. If you would like to donate money to them for these day to day costs (which are huge), please click the link below. You can read more about this work on their Facebook page.


One of our main causes here at Meow Paws North Macedonia is reducing the stray cat and dog population. The stray population and the problems that brings will keep growing unless there is an effective neutering programme. This is expensive as it includes not only the cost of surgery itself, but the animals must recover at the vet surgery for several days until they are well enough to be returned to the street. We can only carry out neutering as funding allows and we spend most of our donations on emergency vet treatment and food. 

If you would like to donate towards the neutering programme; please click the link below.


We would love to find a loving home and a warm sofa for every single cat and dog out on the street in North Macedonia but we are a long way from that unfortunately. We have to use commercial kennels for animals who are too vulnerable to remain on the street, but this is obviously a very expensive solution. We are fundraising for a shelter (see our 'donate' page) as kennels use funds which could be better used elsewhere to save more animals.

If you think you may have space in your heart and your home please have a look at our cats and dogs who are ready for adoption.

Urgent appeals


February 2023

We've had our eye on Puffy for a while. He often comes to our garden for a decent meal and a kind word, a soft hand. He wasn't a stray; he belonged to a local man who left him mouldy bread to eat and spent his money on alcohol instead. We saw today that his head was bleeding and we were told someone had been hitting him with wood. Enough was enough. We spoke to his 'owner', asked if we could buy him. He agreed to sell him for a bottle of wine.

He is safe now, at home with us. He is being checked over by our vet and we will ensure he gets all the treatment and good food he needs. Can you help us towards his expenses?

Urgent Appeals



January 2023

Yesterday we were feeding one of our colonies of stray cats and we noticed Old Tom, a cat we have been feeding there for twelve years, bleeding from the mouth.  He is probably much older than twelve because he was a fully grown adult when we first met him.  He is a gentle old boy; he shows up for food, keeps his head down and enjoys a bit of fuss before moving on. We knew hadn't been fighting.

We scooped him up and took him to the vet immediately. 

Our fears were confirmed: he had been brutally kicked in the face. This old boy, not harming anyone.

Tests revealed has a tumour his neck. We think this is why he was weak and unable to escape from his attackers. He is safe now, and pain free, in the vet ambulance. His days on the street are over.

He needs a lot of care; he wasn't eating due to his jaw pain so had to be tube fed. He needs a lot of support before he can have surgery on his tumour.

We won't give up on him. Please help us give this old boy the care he needs.


(Please select friends/family option and reference 'Tom') 


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